Hire a photographer with live music experience. Ask to see their portfolio. Don't waste money on "band" photos ... no one really wants to see your band in front of an old building, assembled around a rusted car, or heaven forbid anywhere near a set of natty old railroad tracks! People want to see your band in action - they want photos that excite them, that show a sense of the experience.

You should have professional live shots but also should be taking stage "selfies" and other personalized photos for social media use at every show ... 

Look at your photo gallery - on Facebook, on your website, and elsewhere. If it does not look like this photo album you are doing it wrong. The "visual" aspect is just as important to your bands success as the show! Spend the time, and hire a pro, and do it right!

The best of these images are taken by Jamie Miles ... Xpressive Images by Jamie. Jamie is based in Minnesota but shoots throughout the Midwest, and will travel on request. She has shot the CMA Fest for a number of years, and will again be there this June (2016), where she is invited and asked to shoot many of Nashville top artists.